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All pigs we are raising at this time are for our meat program. For breeding stock inquiries please contact my dear friend Tammy in Bluefield, VA.  She has the best bloodlines in the country.  540-219-3931  Tammy.  You better be nice to her . She is a great woman. 

Once committed to being a sustainable farmer who thinks about the quality of the animal, land, and consumer simultaneously – what would be the first thing to come to mind? Pigs are the obvious answer right! My wife started to really wonder about my sanity when I came to this conclusion. Pigs get a bad rap but they serve a great purpose like many other livestock. Our pigs earn their living by rooting, grubbing, digging, and wallowing in mud and dirt all day. They are a great form of land management. With management being the key word. Our plan is to rotate our animals to alleviate the woodland and pasture of unwanted small trees, vines, and bushes and then take them off. The remaining open ground will open up native grasses and forage for wildlife. This isn’t a pipe dream. I have seen this practice done and we are doing it now.

We feel by helping an animal do what God intended,  the animal will return to us the best tasting and healthiest meat possible. Our pigs grow slower and never spend a day off the dirt of our land. This process enables them to build the fat and muscle that pork really should have to taste the best it can by taking in vitamins and minerals from the ground and sunshine hog house pork never sees.   A pig raised on concrete as fast at it can be may be cheaper but in no form is it “better” for anything involved. We must continue to develop methods to allow animals to be raised on the land and be able to “feed the world” as factory farming does today. Until then we can do the best we know how to do.

We are proud COCHON 555 participants in Washington, DC 4-22-12!!

Pasture Family Farm in Bunn, North CarolinaWe decided to go with another breed that is near extinction, the Large Black Hog. A wonderful animal known for its temperament, mothering ability, and taste was a good fit for our farm. We will be raising registered Large Black hogs to help build the breeds numbers. We have a waiting list for our piglets so please contact us. We will cross breed our large Black boar with other breeds including Yorkshire and Berkshire for optimum meat production. Our pigs live off clover, grasses, and woodlands. We also supplement their diet with fresh ground alphalfa, corn, oats, barley, and wheat. We will feed alfalfa hay in the winter. Our pasture pork will be finished with apples, pears, acorns, and dairy products (really).  My wife makes fun of us being pig farmers but we both enjoy it. Please read more on the Large Black Hog at he following sites.

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