Raleigh Horse Sales Breeding, raising, and nurturing horses to become valued and cherished members of the family. If you were to look back over the years to your all time favorite horse, it likely is not the fastest, the highest jumper, or the farthest slider. The all time number one horse was the one you could go out to the pasture and jump on his back with a piece of hay string and ride him around. He was the one you could take to the horse show on Saturday and show him in every event and do “ok.” On Sunday you could take him to a roping, eventing arena, or just go trail riding. He clipped, loaded, and hauled well. Most of all he had a GREAT disposition. He liked  people and he liked his job, he was willing to work, and fun to be around. We strive for every horse in our barn to be this horse … And our donkeys too.

Lifetime Members of Foundation Quarter Horse Association

Particular interests in Hunter Pony, Sicilian Donkeys, and Percherons as well.