Cattle for Sale

It has taken us 15 years of raising Belted Galloways for our enjoyment and 5 years of being in the direct market beef business to reach this point. We have learned so much from so many others learning how to breed for and raise cattle with high quality, good temperament, and the right genetics for grass finished beef.

We have learned what makes a good brood cow is one that will breed well, one that has an excellent disposition, and one that milks her calf really well. Once we have those qualities  then we find the ones with great confirmation and the bulls that will keep improving our herd. We have worked with over 30 4-H kids in the past helping us to train these cattle to be halter broke and calm around people. We couldn’t have done that without our 4-H club in the past. Today our foundation is built.  Let us help you build yours. We normally have heifers or groups of cattle for sale,

Please contact us today about how Ray Family Farms can help you start or improve your own Belted Galloway or Galloway program.


To buy cattle from Ray Family Farms, call us at 919-422-1365 or fill out our online contact form.