Welcome to Ray Family Farms.  We specialize in the best beef you can get any where!  Notice I didn’t even mention grass fed. That’s because I will put our beef up against anyone’s whether it’s grass finished or not.  Our Beltie Beef is 100% grass fed and finished.  We can make such a statement for a few reasons.  All grass fed beef and beef in general isn’t created equal.  It’s true all grain finished beef will be more tender because it has so much more fat. But let’s don’t sacrifice the flavor for extra fat!  Our Beltie beef is raised for 30 months allowing time for the animal to marbleize naturally on it’s own.  The lush pastures and hay they eat not only keeps the animal healthy but us as well. The Galloway breed in general is built to finish on grass just like they were centuries ago in Scotland. We encourage you to build you a order of $50 or more or consider one of these packages.  We will deliver it to your door while you get the grill going!

Packages available

1- Any order of individual items put together in your shopping cart of $50 or more will be delivered for free.  

2- Beltie Beef Sampler $99 – includes 2 ground beef, 1 Ribeye, 1 NY Strip, 1 Flat Iron, 1 Filet, 1 chuck or sirloin roast

3-Beltie 80/20 Ground Beef Box $199 – 25lbs of ground beef

4-Beltie 25lb box $210 – 13 lbs ground beef, 12 lbs steaks and roast,  1 lb marrow/soup bone

5- Beltie 50lb box $415- 25 lbs ground beef, 23 lbs steaks and roast,  2 lb marrow/soup bone

6-Beltie Quarter Beef $831 – 50 lbs ground beef, 37 lbs steaks and roast,  12 lb marrow/soup bone

7- Beltie Side of Beef $1,662- 100 lbs ground beef, 75 lbs steaks and roast,  25 lb marrow/soup bone

8- Beltie whole Beef $3,325 – 200 lbs ground beef, 150lbs steaks and roast,  50 lb marrow/soup bone


We are a small family farm that direct markets our products to customers just like you. We use this site as a way to have our farmers market open 24/7. You may go to our Shop page and purchase our products right on our website.  We will make it ultra convenient for getting your free range meats to you and we offer…

$50 purchase or more + 30 mile trip or less = FREE DELIVERY!!

Our animals are producing some of the best food you will ever have in your life.  We welcome you to become one of our farm family members today. Our pasture beef, pork, poultry, and eggs all are raised on our farm from “conception to consumption.”

We invite you to come see for yourself what makes Ray Family Farms special. We welcome you to visit sometime just for a tour to look around, in fact we highly encourage it. Come see food raised the way God intended, with love, affection, superb nutrition, and respect for both the animal and the land.

We are committed to using and sharing our blessings with others. So many things in life are complicated but our philosophy here at our farm is not. We raise animals in a way they are able to return the goodness back in the form of delicious, healthy, nutritious food that’s good for the body and soul. It’s a circle of life we feel is important for all to have the opportunity to experience.
We provide and tend to much more than our livestock. All Gods creatures are important here including canines and felines that find home here, our fish in our ponds, our fowl in the sky, our fowl on the ground, and the wildlife whom we grow native food plots for year round. We share these blessings with friends, family, and many who come as guests and leave as friends.
This farm has given us both much opportunity and responsibility to take care of it and use it wisely at its “Highest and Best Value.” The result of 25 years of ownership is an incredibly beautiful place filled with well taken care of animals, fresh wholesome produce, beautiful flowers, and so much more. We look forward to seeing you at the farm very soon.