Your farm is now a family favorite -- not just for the wonderful meats and eggs, but also for the hospitality (and the boys would say "horses")!! Your hot sausage links are the best we've had and last no time in our house. We can't wait for more tenderloin -- I think you need to set up a lottery system for it!!!! Also, tell Mrs. Betty that her strawberry jam was gone in 2 days. The boys didn't know there was any other kind other than Smuckers! Now, her jam is the only one they want. Thank you for allowing us to have the farm experience and purchase delicious, healthy food.
Dana Williams Glover
Good morning Chad and Jodi - after picking corn last weekend, I came away telling everyone of that wonderful breakfast and your delicious sausage. A family recipe I understand. I also got some of your Mom's turnip salad. Please let her know that I shared it with my great aunt and uncle who I am blessed to still have in my life. They are both nearly completely blind and happy to be on the meals-on-wheels route, but yesterday when we cooked and ate your turnip salad together they were two happy folks! Said they hadn't had fresh vegetables like that from the garden in quite some time. Truly delicious. Thanks so much again for doing what you do.
Susan Walston, Raleigh
Dear Jodi and Chad, Thank you for sharing your farm with our family and our Indian Princess group. We had a wonderful time at your farm, the watermelon's were a hit, along with shucking corn, tasting goat's milk, seeing the turkeys, chickens and guineas. The horses are breath taking and the pigs were to hot to come out and play. Our experience with the beef, pork, eggs and vegetables is out of this world. We will continue to support you and tell everyone we know about how well the animals are cared for and loved. Madison and Peyton will have fond memories of seeing all the animals and having good food at home to eat. May God continue to bless you and your farm. In your Grace, The Sharpe's
Jay, Kelly, Madison and Peyton, North Raleigh
I have purchased your eggs, ground beef, and sausage from Vollmer Farm. We have enjoyed eating food that is fresh and void of poisons that are found in most foods in most grocery stores these days. You can really taste the difference. And to know you treat your animals well is a HUGE plus for us! Thank you! Chris and Melanie Chappell
Chris Chappell, Spring Hope/Bunn
I got a carton of your eggs from Vollmer Farm last week and they are so beautiful and delicious!! Perfect bright orange yokes that stand up so well. Plan on visiting the farm directly!! Thank you for your great product 🙂
Susannah, Knightdale, NC
Oh! While we are on point of the meat... the Boston Butt was "mouth watering good" even before we tasted it. I didn't do anything special. I took a recipe I use when roasting and put it in the crock pot for 7hrs. And I must say I was hesitant to use the crock as wanted the most flavours from the pork. At any rate the meat was perfect. It crocked in rosemary, thyme, sweet onion, and garlic. The meat had red undertones of coulour ,the bone slipped out just by looking at it, and no other seasoning was needed. I wouldn't dare put any BBQ sauce on it, but it would make a great pulled pork. Oh Boy! And to handle the meat was a pleasure. The texture while raw and the lack of blood. The meat was so tender before we started I was able to poke the garlic in the meat without even using a knif just with my finger
sarah van pelt, Louisburg nc
Hi Chad & Jodi! I just wanted to tell you thanks for introducing me to your eggs — they are spectacular! I have bought farm-direct pastured eggs for over 3 years now and through talking with farmers, comparing eggs, and researching have learned a bit about egg quality and nutrition…your eggs passed my pickiness test with flying colors! The eggs have a wonderful, hard shell (good calcium among other nutrients), deeply colored yolks (evidence of pasture free-ranging on quality ground) that stand firm (freshness), and a rich flavor that is among the best that I have had! I love those dark brown eggs and am wondering what type of chickens those are from…Welsummers? Marans? And your “presentation” is just lovely — alternating the egg colors in the box and using such nice box labels….really nice touches. We had a baked sweet potato for lunch today — thank you so much for those! What a nice extra treat with our order. They are really nice. And the chicken has just now been moved to the fridge to thaw with “Sunday Dinner” in mind. We already know we love the chicken meat…now just waiting for “the thaw” and plotting recipes. Maybe roasted with fresh herbs and some shiitakes. Leftovers diced into enchiladas…or maybe chicken salad….or better yet this time of year, homemade chicken pot pie…mmmmm. Anyway, hope that you have a great week! I can’t wait for your pork to arrive. Feel free to use any portions of this in your taste-imonials — I am definitely a happy customer and now proud promoter of your farm! Thanks for taking the time to do things “right”! smiles, Patty
Thank you , Chad and Jodi for taking the time on Saturday, to show us around your beautiful farm and introduce us to your way of farming. We had a wonderful time and learned so much. It brought us such peace of mind and heart to spend a little time seeing all of the offerings your land produces. We also enjoyed the education we recieved about your farm, thank you for sharing it all with us. Sunday afternoon Rachel turned to me and said” Mama, if your were a cow, you would be a Belted Galloway, because you are a good mama!!”. Best compliment I have recieved in a long time!! And it made us smile at the thought of your lovely Belties. I cooked the brisket on Sunday and it was fabulous! I made my own dry rub and barbeque sause, cooked the meat low and long…the crowd went wild!! I cooked the salad greens also…tender and delicious. Thank you, again, for sharing your farm with us. Joy and every blessing, Patty, Dutch and Rachel
Patty, Dutch and Rachel

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