Ray Family Farms Market

We ONLY sell local. We do not SHIP our products. 

We provide you the ease of home shopping. If you would rather, please continue to phone in or email orders as well. Either way we now offer …

$50 purchase or more + 30 mile trip or less = FREE DELIVERY!!!

All products are limited in quantity. Look for product updates in our newsletter or email us directly for current availability. Our products are sold by weight. All products are frozen. Purchaser assumes all liability after purchase and/or delivery. No refunds unless authorized. Refunds not to exceed original purchase price.

For those using shopping online, the site uses approximate weights per package so please follow these steps:

Step 1 – Place all wanted items in shopping cart

Step 2 – Place order for wanted items and check out

Step 3 – We will verify weights, pricing, and shipping costs if applicable. We will email you additional final invoice with additional costs or credits if any. You will then be able to finalize your order by the email received.

Step 4 – We will contact you to arrange pick up, delivery, or shipping dates

Step 5 – We Thank You!

We do not share or sell any customer information.

Ray Family Farms offers a wide range of organic and slow grown foods. Here is our price list.