Solar Panel Installation 2011

This year Ray Family Farms installed environmentally friendly solar panels on one of the barns.

Summer 2011 at Ray Family Farms

Summer is a bustling time at Ray Family Farms. Enjoy this collection of photos submitted by some of our customers and guests!

Spring Farm\'n\'Learn 2011

This event had over 30 families in attendance. We all learned about bee hives, container gardening, wool spinning, and sustainable agriculture. It was a great day for all involved.

Fall CFSA Farm Tour 2010

Take a look at the great weekend we had on our first farm tour sponsored by Whole Foods and CFSA. Come next year!

Winter 2010 at Ray Family Farms

A North Carolina snow fall is something to really enjoy. Take a look at our farm during our snow this year.

General Photos

Picking veggies, cleaning stck tanks of water, and so much more are the days at our farm during the summer. The work is hard but the rewards are worth it!